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Role of a DUI Defense Lawyer

by Hank

With the rise in the number of DUI cases every year, there has also been a rise in demand for good DUI defense lawyers. While you can become a state defense lawyer to be appointed by the court, you can also be part of a well-known firm and choose your own clients. But what are the skills and responsibilities required and the primary role of a DUI defense lawyer?

Let us take a look.

Skills Required for a DUI Defense Lawyer 

Apart from the academic qualifications, there are some skills that are always necessary for a lawyer. These skills are-

  • Team Player- Every DUI defense lawyer should be able to work with a team, place their opinions and take others’ advice.
  • Good Communication Skills- Good communication skills are essential in every lawyer to make sure that they understand exactly what their client requires. It is also necessary to communicate with the judges, the court, opponents, and the jury. 
  • Problem-Solving Skills- Problem-solving skills are of paramount importance in a lawyer. Every DUI defense lawyer should have good analytical and problem-solving skills to help their clients get a fair judgment.
  • Good Decision-Making Skills- Decision-making skills are always required in an attorney. These skills help them choose a solution that will help them get a fair judgment. 

Now that we know the skills required, let us take a look at the responsibility and role of a DUI defense lawyer. 

Roles of a DUI Defense Lawyer 

While a DUI defence lawyer’s most prominent and vital favour gets their client a fair judgment, some added roles and responsibilities are also important. Here are some of them –

  • Evidence- It is always the lawyer’s responsibility to look for proper evidence which will help move the case in their client’s favor.
  • Necessary Laws Applied- A DUI defense lawyer should know the necessary laws and regulations applicable to their client’s case. They should also brief their client on these laws.
  • Draft of Appeal- A DUI defense lawyer has to draft all the necessary legal paperwork as required in their client’s case. 
  • Negotiation- The lawyer should be able to negotiate on behalf of their client to the judge for settlements, claims, pleas, and punishments. 
  • Fast Case Resolve– A DUI defense lawyer has to make sure that they can resolve their client’s case as soon as possible and ensure a favourable judgment.
  • Proper Paperwork – A DUI defense lawyer should be competent enough to file out all the necessary paperwork and legal documents that are to be filed on behalf of their client.


While the requirement for a DUI defense lawyer is on the rise, it is by no means an easy feat to become one. Almost at par with being a criminal lawyer, you need proper academic qualifications, skills, and experience to become a successful DUI defense lawyer. But with proper guidance and determination, we are sure you will be successful in becoming a prominent DUI defense lawyer. 


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