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When It’s Medical Malpractice—And When It Isn’t

by Hank

Sometimes medical malpractice is misunderstood, and the true meaning remains hidden. Your healthcare organization doesn’t have to be indulged in any form of medicine malpractices if the outcome of a particular treatment comes out to be negative. There are a vast number of cases where medical malpractice might occur. But not every time a patient will have a legal claim of medical malpractice just because the person’s medical condition worsened. A medical malpractice attorney can help you understand which cases have legitimate and illegitimate claims of malpractice. In this article, we shall examine a few such issues.

Legitimate Medical Malpractice Scenarios

Most medical malpractice cases occur due to the lack of attention or carelessness from the health care provider’s side towards the patient. Let’s look at some of the common issues.

Doctor’s Reckless Behavior: This is a sporadic case, but there are cases when the doctor becomes reckless under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such cases, they often administer the wrong medication or perform surgery recklessly. Many times during various risky medical procedures, errors are made due to the doctor’s negligence. These are cases of malpractices. Doctors may even be criminally accused of drug administration to a patient in contravention, just like in the case of Michael Jackson’s death.

Negligence: Medical negligence is one of the most common forms of medical malpractice. Whenever a particular doctor or healthcare provider fails to provide the correct amount of care and attention to the rightfully deserved patient, it is known as medical negligence. The patient usually suffers due to the poor standards of care provided. Scenarios where patients are not advised regarding the side effects of treatment, errors made during surgery, or wrong diagnosis of disease are all malpractice cases. If you are fighting such a case, then the best option is to take the help of a medical malpractice attorney and consult a proper doctor.

Illegitimate Medical Malpractice Scenarios

There are specific scenarios where malpractice cannot be claimed so easily.

Untreatable and Worst Patient Condition: If a patient is terminally ill or has an untreatable disease, then the doctor has nothing to do in such cases. However unfortunate it might be, there are no supporting laws for patients who die from a terminal or untreated disease. If the patient was not taken care of, the family could take legal action against the medical provider.

Deterioration Of Patient’s Condition: Sometimes, a patient’s body does not respond to the treatment, and his/her condition worsens during the treatment course. In such cases, the doctor has got nothing to do. Even if the disease is treatable, the condition worsens. If the doctor has taken proper care and administration of appropriate treatment has been done, no malpractice claim is possible. Hence, a reasonable attorney can always help in assessing such situations. 


If you are in the middle of such a lawsuit, consulting a medical malpractice attorney is highly essential. Professional guidance is necessary for such cases as these require medical knowledge, legal expertise, and usually, the cases are complex. So even after reading thousands of articles and learning about medical malpractices, you should immediately consult a legal attorney in case of a legitimate claim.


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