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When Should I Hire An Attorney For Workers Comp?

by Hank
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There is no need to hire an attorney for every injured worker. An administrative process is designed for worker’s compensation. You can probably handle your claim if it is straightforward. An employee, if injured during working hours, cannot claim outside workers’ compensation. He may also require a personal injury lawyer. Workers can easily find help with this workers comp attorney. According to the employer’s international act, you can sue your employer for a workplace injury in court.

Cases Where the Lawyer is Not Required

If your injury is mild and can cure with proper treatment, then a lawyer is not required. Insurance company disputes on claims such as:

  • Work-related injuries are involved in such matters.
  • No issues of permanent injuries.

For example: if you trip and sprain your ankle, you will be suggested for bed rest by your doctor. The doctor will keep you on medication, and you can return to work in a few days. Since you have a desk job, you can return to your appointment early. Some states do not provide wage loss because you took a few days to leave. 

Cases where the Lawyers are Required

You should always hire a lawyer in cases of a dispute with the insurance company. To stand against the insurance company, you need a handful of evidence. Some other things which are required are:

  • This work may include collecting depositions.
  • A request for an independent medical examination is required.
  • A good lawyer is required, who can witness the case.
  • A good lawyer with an efficient amount of Legal knowledge and skills is also required.

Best Cases when you need to Hire a Lawyer

Some cases when you need to hire a lawyer are given below:

Denial of Compensation Claims of the Worker

Workers’ compensation claims are mostly denied by the big insurance firms. You need to use legal paperwork, strong evidence with the help of legal tools to prove yourself at the hearing. 

Permanent Disability

There is a compensation benefit for the workers who have a permanent disability. It is checked using permanent disability rating and discarded if the insurance company does not agree. You may be appointed to an independent medical checkup by the insurance company for its assurance. The IME doctor will rate you low hence you will be paid less compensation.

Chances of Pre Existing Injuries

If you have any record of injuries, it will be quite a war-like situation for you to grant workers’ compensation. 

Trouble Getting the Needed Treatment

To grant compensation, lawyers might pressurize the insurance firms for getting the treatment done on time.

Trouble After an Injury

If your injury prevents you from doing work, change to some other work and take proper training in that course. A lawyer can help you in such a case to benefit your compensations correctly. 

Records of Government Facilities in the Past

The Social disability insurance benefits might become less in case you are applying for the workers’ compensation benefits.


When a lawyer is involved, you get a much higher settlement offer. The lawyer understands the law, has legal rights, and has the proper knowledge to negotiate and handle your case wisely. The lawyer has various tools to strengthen your case. You will benefit more if you can hire a lawyer.

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